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Notice: This site is still under construction. No service yet is being offered. We will launch our services soon.  


J. Mendoza & Associates Caregiver Division (CD) is a dedicated team under the award-winning J. Mendoza & Associates Canadian Immigration Consulting Group that specializes in low-cost immigration applications for caregivers and caregiver employers in Canada.

Services for Caregivers

We can assist in the following:

1. Eligibility Assessment

2. Work visa/permit application & extension

3. Permanent residence application

4. Restoration of Status

5. FREE CELPIP Strategy Training for permanent residence applicants

Services for Caregiver Employers

1. Eligibility Assessment

2. All related process to  hire a caregiver

Caregiver Assessment Form

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I want to hire a caregiver, how can I do it?

As of June 18, 2019, anybody who wants to be a caregiver employer  can do so if they have any of the following:

1. Person/s the caregiver will look after e.g. child/children, elderly or persons with disabilities;

2. Income Requirement - as of this update, no income requirement is announced. However, for our clients, we will evaluate income as per LICO (Low-Income Cutoff) plus annual wage of caregiver to ensure financial capability won't be an issue in the application. See this link to have an overall idea about LICO:   LICO reference (click here)

If you meet above-stated requirements, you can already hire a caregiver as long as the caregiver meets eligibility requirements. No LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is required anymore.

If you want guidance with all the process, all you need to do is hire us, then we 'll do the rest for you. Email 

How do I know if the caregiver is eligible to apply?

Under the new caregiver program, in order to apply for a caregiver work visa/permit, the caregiver must meet the following:

1. Genuine job offer from a Canadian employer;

2. Completed (i.e. graduated with diploma or certificate) minimum 1 year post-secondary education equivalent to Canadian education. For some countries, some education gets downgraded by 1-2 years. So a 2-year course may just be equivalent to a secondary education equivalence in Canadian education. But if you finished a 4 year course, you can, in most cases if not all, meet this requirement;

3. Meet language exam requirement equivalent to CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) Level 5. See this link to determine CLB 5 equivalence with CELPIP or  IELTS for English; or  TEF Canada or TCF Canada for French: CLB Equivalency (Click Here)

Also, we require that our caregiver clients to have at least one (1) year caregiver experience related to the same job being offered. This means if the job offer is a child caregiver, the experience must also be a child caregiver (not an elderly caregiver). Same applies if the job offer is caregiver for elderly or persons with disabilities.

Each applicant may also require a different set of documents depending on client's situation when applying for a work visa/permit. We prepare the full set of requirements ONLY when the client signs up a retainer agreement/contract with us, as it requires careful assessment of client background to strengthen client's case. We cannot provide the complete list during the inquiry stage. However, we can assist to determine eligibility (compete the  Caregiver Assessment Form above so we can help assess your eligibility. )      

Can I hire my Relative as Caregiver

Yes you can as long as your relative possesses the required qualifications. There's nothing in Canadian immigration law that prevents an employer to hire a relative. However, please note that Canadian immigration officers are reasonably expected to ensure that your job offer is genuine.

How much do you charge?

We try to be one of the low-cost immigration service providers for caregivers and caregiver employers.  While we cannot guarantee that we'll be the lowest, we can guarantee that it's lower than what we normally charge.

The cost of our services will depend on the type of applications. We will  be happy to provide you a quote once we verify that you are eligible to apply. Please fill out the Caregiver Assessment Form above so we can assess your eligibility.

What is a CELPIP Exam Strategy Training?

All Caregiver work permit/permanent residence applicants must meet language exam requirements in order to qualify. One of the accepted language exam provider is CELPIP --- owned and administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia. Click here for more information: 

For our caregiver clients, we offer FREE exam strategy training --- a training module we designed to give you basic familiarity on how a CELPIP exam is normally administered. If you want to know what to expect in a CELPIP exam, this is the training for you. Again, we offer this for FREE to our caregiver work permit/ permanent residence clients. 

The training is done online, one or one or by group. So we can train you wherever you are in the world as long as you have internet.

Do you assist in finding a Canadian employer?

Not yet at this time. Like our Facebook page for possible future announcements.

I want to hire J. Mendoza & Associates to assist me in my caregiver work permit or permanent residence application, how do I start?

You just need to email us at We will assess eligibility (for free), and if you meet the requirements as stated above, we will provide you a quote. If our fees are acceptable to you, we will prepare a retainer agreement that we can sign. Once signed (in person or via email), and you pay the required downpayment, we can begin the process.

Where are you located? What if I'm in a different Canadian province or a different country?

Our main office is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. However, we are licensed to serve all clients wherever you are in the world except Quebec. For Quebec-bound clients, we have a partner agency in Quebec to handle Quebec-bound clients.

We have had clients all over from east to west of Canada, the United States, Asia, Latin America, Australia, and the Middle East.

Most applications are done online, and should originals are needed, we are just one courier away only. Thank you to technology and the courier industry.

Can I just finish first my language exam and education assessment first before I sign a retainer agreement/contract with you?

The timing of the decision to hire us is all up to you. However, the advantage of signing up early is that we can guide you with the rest of the requirements and prepare the forms early so there's no surprises. There's no extra payment for signing up early anyway. You will pay the same amount --- but you get more time from us in guiding you.