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From Jeric's Desk

"Hello. I'm Jeric Mendoza, a licensed immigration consultant and president of J. Mendoza & Associates.  Thank you for visiting our website. 

We know as an employer, your time is precious. So we want to make things easy for you. 

If you become our client, whether to source out foreign workers or to handle their immigration applications, we can help you go through these processes with minimal disruptions and cost. 

Our ultimate goal is that we serve as your EXTENDED HR & IMMIGRATION OFFICE. We can find foreign workers for you. We can be your immigration help desk. We can make sure your business operates within the boundaries of immigration law --- all with full transparency, confidentiality, and most importantly, competence. And in some cases, even for free. 

We hope to hear from you then. You can email me directly at jeric.jmendoza@gmail.com. 

Thank you."

Key Employer Issues Where We can Help

A. Do you have problems in finding or retaining workers?

If you cannot find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to work for you, hiring temporary foreign workers (TFWs) is one of the options you may consider. The following are some of the reasons other employers prefer this option:

1. Fill Labour Gap 

The TFW Program is mainly designed to fill the gap in the Canadian labour market. So if you cannot find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to fill a job vacancy, hiring a TFW is an option that allows you to tap the huge labour market outside Canada. We can help find good workers in and outside Canada.

2. Manpower Stability

TFWs are usually given work permits that are employer-specific. This means the TFW cannot work with any other employer other than you. Should a TFW decide to move to a different employer, they will need to go through the same rigorous process you will have gone through in getting them to legally work for you. 

Also, work permits are usually issued for a period of 1-2 years. So by hiring TFWs, you will have peace of mind that the chances of your chosen worker to resign is very slim (as they cannot easily move to a different employer right away), at least before they become permanent residents of Canada. 

3. Knowledge Transfer

TFWs normally go through different training and work experiences in their home or other countries. This normally is a good opportunity for knowledge transfer to improve knowledge within your company.

B. Do you need skilled workers?

Do you need cooks? Do you need food service supervisors? Do you need mechanics or welders? One of our advantages over other firms is that we have base knowledge of different industries namely hospitality and food service, biologicals and pharmaceutical processing, food and beverage processing, electronics, oil and gas, retail, agriculture and other key industries. 

In short, we can easily understand your business.

Whatever occupation you need, we can help you source them out. In most cases, depending on the size of our business with you, we may even do this service for free for loyal clients. 

C. Do you want to hire temporary foreign workers?

If you have already decided to hire TFWs, we can help you come up with the right immigration strategy to make this happen. Depending on your province of operation, we may opt to choose different immigration programs based on your situation and the profile of your chosen TFWs. So never short-change yourself as an employer in choosing just a single program (e.g. LMIA) when you might have other more reasonable options depending on your situation.
We can help you decide which path to take in order to maximize this program.

D. Do you need help in your LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) application?

In most cases, in order to hire a foreign worker, an employer may be required to apply first for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is a process where the employer ensures that it exhausted all efforts to hire first a Canadian citizen or permanent resident before hiring a TFW.

We have years of experience in handling LMIA applications. We can help.

E. Do you need an immigration consultant?

If you need any other immigration services not yet mentioned, or you basically think that an immigration consultant is needed in your situation, just let us know. We are equipped to handle most immigration situations, and have enough experience and success stories to share. 

In the past few years, we have been acknowledged by key award-giving bodies within our business community for business excellence. We are not allowed to provide guarantee on results, but we can guarantee that whatever strategy we formulate for you cannot be exceeded by anybody else.

Our Employer Services

Apply for an LMIA

We can help you get through the steps in applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). We can also help you assess if you will qualify for some applications that do not require an LMIA. 

Apply for Provincial Nomination

In some cases, your foreign worker may qualify for provincial nomination. If nominated, this allows them to apply for a work permit without the need to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). We are equipped to apply for provincial nomination in any province or territory in Canada except Quebec. 

We can help you evaluate if this is a better option for you.

Foreign Executive Sourcing

 We can help you find top-notch managers or executives mostly coming from multinational corporations. You'll do the hiring, we'll do the rest.

Temporary Foreign Worker Sourcing

Tell us what kind of workers you need in whatever industry, we'll find them for you. We specialize in providing skilled and semi-skilled workers in any industry.

Be Your Immigration Extended Office

Why bother yourself with the legwork when we can do immigration work for you? If you become a client, we'll be your extended office that ensures that all you need to do are done properly, legally and serves your best interest. And for the right volume and client, we may even be able to give the service for free. Ask us for more details.

Need more info?
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