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Legal Disclaimer. 

This tool is intended solely for general guidance and reference purpose only for our further eligibility assessment . Final decision rests solely on Canadian immigration authorities.

No part of this tool may be copied in print or online without the written permission from J. Mendoza & Associates.

 J. Mendoza PATH
Pre-Assessment Tool Hack (Beta version)

Note: If you don't belong to any category under the "Describe Yourself" options, we regret that we cannot help you at this time as either you do not yet qualify with any Canadian immigration program OR your chances of success is very slim, if any at all. Thank you.

Thank you for using our Pre-Assessment tool. We will get back to you within one business day to verify your eligibility.
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Express Entry Option

If you don't belong to any category under the "Describe Yourself" section of the Pre-Assessment Tool above, go to the following link and do an Express Entry Self-Assessment. If you don't have yet an IELTS result (language exam), assume a score of 6.0 in all areas. If you are able to obtain a minimum score of 410 points, go back to the Pre-Assessment tool above to contact us.

IRCC Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Tool for Skilled Immigrants

Top Things to Do
if I don't Qualify using the J. Mendoza PATH

1. Find a Canadian employer who's willing to give you a job offer. You may visit the following job websites:

      a. Job Bank  

      b. Saskjobs

      c. Work BC

Once successful, go back to this website to repeat the Pre-Assessment.

Important: You must do your own due diligence to ensure that the job being offered to you is legal and genuine. J. Mendoza & Associates is not liable for any result of your job hunting using the above-stated websites.

2. Save at least CAD$20,000 proof of funds to later apply to study in Canada;

Once done, go back to this website to repeat the Pre-Assessment.

3. Re-use the J. Mendoza PATH if you become a spouse of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; OR

4. Reuse the J. Mendoza PATH should any of your situation change.