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Priority Job Placement Services

Most permanent residence programs in Canada require a job to qualify. Our goal is to help our international student clients AND/OR their spouse, and other OPEN WORK PERMIT holders find employers who can support their permanent residence application.

If you are currently an international student (anywhere in Canada except Quebec), and/or you are the spouse of an international student or any other OPEN WORK PERMIT holder, sign up using the form on your right to send your Expression of Interest to be part of our manpower pool for referral to our current and future employer clients. All conditions apply.

We Prioritize J. Mendoza Clients for Job Placement

We'll be honest. If an employer is looking for a foreign worker, we will recommend first our own clients (whether current or past clients)

We love our own. And we want our clients to be successful. As we know our clients better, we are actually in a better position to know whether his or her abilities (and own character) meet the requirements of employers looking for good workers. So yes, we maybe bias in favor of our own clients, BUT we will only recommend them if they meet the employer requirements.

 We cannot guarantee job placement. But we will certainly do our best.


1. Be a current international student (or spouse of an international student) anywhere in Canada except Quebec


   Be an open work permit holder

2. Be willing for J. Mendoza and Associates to process your permanent residence (and work permit, if necessary) if eligible; and

3. Be subject to employer own selection process. 

Note: Priority is given to existing clients of J. Mendoza & Associates.

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