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J. Mendoza & Associates International Student Division (ISD) is a dedicated team under the award-winning J. Mendoza & Associates Canadian Immigration Consulting Group (www.jmendozaimmigration.com) that specializes in helping foreign nationals apply to study in Canada.

Beyond assisting student clients in applying for a study visa or permit with the help of its resident immigration consultant, the ISD team may also facilitate the following:

1. Apply for a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from the client's school of choice;
2. Ensure that clients go to schools that are accredited by Canadian immigration;
3. Ensure that the student clients get the best possible deal from our partner schools;
4. Provide legal options to bring the international student's family in Canada;
5. Provide legal options for the international student to stay longer in Canada even after graduation.

Our mission is to make studying in Canada easy for our international student clients.

International Student Eligibility
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Important: If you don't qualify on the 'Proof of Funds' question, it will be very difficult to apply as an international student at this time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to apply for a study visa or permit?

          Each applicant may require a different set of documents depending on client's situation. We prepare the full set of requirements ONLY when the client signs up a retainer agreement with us, as it requires careful assessment of client background to strengthen client's case. We cannot provide the list during the inquiry stage.

          In general, the Applicant must be able to provide proof of funds, a Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (we can assist), and other documents proving identity and educational history.

How Much Fund or Money is Required?

          As a rule of thumb, the more funds you can show, the better. In general, an international student requires about CAD$10,000 plus cost of tuition fee (normally in the range of CAD$10,000-CAD$25,000 depending on course and school). The proof of funds must be in a 'liquid' asset form like cash or bank deposits (Liquid means anytime you need them, they can be readily available.). Note, however, that providing enough funds is not the sole basis of study visa/permit approval.

Can Somebody Else Show Proof of Funds?

          Yes, either yourself, your relative, your company, a scholarship sponsor, or a combination thereof may provide proof of funds.

Do you assist in securing a Letter of Acceptance from schools?

          Yes we do. We are set to assist our international student clients at all critical stages of the application to any approved school of your choice ANYWHERE in Canada (including Quebec with the help of a Quebec partner), subject to applicable fees. We position ourselves to be your one-stop-shop for international student applications wherever you are in the world.

Is IELTS or CELPIP required?

          Proofs of language proficiency like IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) may or may not be required depending on the school of choice. It's not a mandatory requirement in applying for a study visa/permit. (We can assist in CELPIP review preparation.) 

Do you assist clients from outside Canada?

          Yes we do. We can assist a client wherever you are in the world.

Do you communicate in Chinese language?

          We have associates who can communicate in Mandarin, if applicable, if you feel more convenient to speak in your own language. Please let us know if this is your preference.

Can I Apply for Permanent Residence After Graduation?

          While there are permanent residence programs, both in federal and provincial level, that offer permanent residence programs to international students who graduated from Canada, there's no guarantee that such programs will be available by the time you graduate. As such, we don't want you to think that permanent residence is guaranteed after graduation. 

          In fact, most of these permanent residence programs require other key eligibility factors particularly finding a job offer from a Canadian employer (which itself is based on both combination of opportunity, luck & applicant's readiness).

          Being an international student can serve as a temporary gateway to Canada, but permanent residence depends on future circumstances that cannot be ascertained today. Be careful with any organization or agency that can guarantee permanent residence after graduation to an international student.


Can I Bring My Family with Me?

          An international student may bring a spouse and/or dependent children with them, subject to eligibility requirements particularly availability of funds (additional CAD$3,000-CAD$4000 per family member on top of above-stated proof of funds).
          If approved, the spouse of an international student can be issued an open work permit that allows him/her to work with any employer in Canada. Also, if approved, the children may study in Canada for *free (primary & secondary level) depending on province of destination.

Am I allowed to work while studying?

From November 15, 2022 to December 31, 2023, international students can work as many hours as they continue to be actively pursuing studies.

It's yet to be determined if this 'experiment' will continue beyond said date. Prior to this, an international student is allowed to work for just a maximum of 20 hours per week as long as he/she is a full-time student, or full-time during scheduled breaks subject to off-campus work eligibility (e.g... have started studying and a full-time student).

          There are cases that you won't need to get a study permit in order to study legally in Canada. We can help you find it out.

          A study permit allows you to study at a school, university or college in Canada. Before you apply, you must have been accepted by the educational institution and have the right documents. We can help guide you all throughout this process.

          Your spouse or common-law partner can apply for an open work permit while you are studying. This allows your partner to work at any job without the need to obtain a job offer or a labour market opinion.

          If you graduated from a public Canadian post-secondary school, you may apply to obtain a post-graduation work permit (depending on Designated Learning Institution eligibility at the time of submission) that allows you to work full-time with any employer in Canada and gain a skilled  Canadian work experience that may later help you qualify under different permanent residence programs.