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J. Mendoza Journal
November 27, 2021


A few days ago, we received a notice from IRCC that our Client was already approved as a Sponsor for her father. The case was a bit complex because our Client had a unique income situation that made it difficult at first to prove whether they meet the income requirements of the Parent Sponsorship Program. Obviously, we nailed it.
But this story was not about an income situation.

Our Client's father passed away already before this approval. When we accepted this case, we knew that the chance of this happening was high because her father already had a serious medical situation. Normally, we would say no as we don't provide false hopes.

But we also understood that sometimes, even if the the chance of failure was high, one wants to feel that one does her best to a loved one until the end. There's no price to that. I think our Client already knew what could have happened, but she still wanted to do it.
We understood that. So we said yes. But not without thinking that should our worst fear happened, we won't continue to charge the Client anymore. But we didn't tell the Client that. So when our worst fear happened, we did exactly as that. While we already did about 97% of the job, we didn't charge anymore more than half of the fees owed that translate to a few thousands of dollars.
When we told this to our Client, she was very thankful as she probably knew what difficulty we faced in preparing the application because of her income situation. Well, to us, it was no big deal.
Until it dawned to us that you know what, even if we beg on the streets, nobody will ever give us a few thousands of dollars. Not even most if not all of our relatives (except my sister - Jeric). Yes, even if we beg for it.

So we're a bit proud of ourselves. And that's what we think separates us from the rest. Who else will ever do it?

So when we're trying to find out what differentiates J. Mendoza with the rest, we decided on it. No, we won't compete based on price (though we're price competitive). No, we won't compete based on success (though we're successful more than 95% of the time --- with zero refusal due to consultant error).

We will compete based on character. So we thought when we compete based on character, we will charge fairly, and we will be successful as we will ensure that we have the competency to make our clients successful. In an industry marred with fraud due to the prevalence of fake consultants and a few abusive legitimate consultants, we will ensure that when Clients go to us, we will be worthy of their trust.

So yes, when Clients go to us, they don't pay for time, effort or competency alone. They pay for character. So we try our best to meet that. 

Everyday since we started.
J. Mendoza Journal
November 5, 2021

HK Client Approved for PR in 28 Days!

Client K was an international student in Canada from Hongkong. Earlier this year, we got him approved for a post-graduate work permit.

On June 1, 2021, IRCC launched a temporary public policy to facilitate immigration of Hongkong nationals due to political tensions. Client K sought our help again to help him apply for this program.
On October 7, 2021, we submitted Client K's application for permanent residence. Yesterday, November 5, 2021, we got confirmation of his permanent residence.

So in just 28 days, Client K has already become a permanent resident of Canada. Cheers!

Now, we always say, we don't have control over the government's processing time. In fact, most programs right now are delayed due to issues like Covid 19 and Afghanistan.

However, we can say that we have control over our quality of work such that when the government has time to look into our application, they will be looking at an almost perfect application. And the government, in most cases, does not have to second-guess whether to approve it or not. We make the decision to approve easy for them.

So that's what you are paying J. Mendoza for.

You can go somewhere cheaper, but at what cost? You can go somewhere more expensive, and obviously you're just wasting your money.

With J. Mendoza, you get your money's worth. Actually, even a lot more. 



PS. Did we mention that we also got Client K's mom approved for a student permit last July? Well, talk about value for money.

J. Mendoza Journal
October 30, 2021

24 Hour Nomination Approval

Client R was worried that he didn't have enough time to obtain his new work permit as the one he has was set to expire this coming December.

Coming from an abusive employer in Quebec, and with limited time left, his worries were understandable.

In one of those conversations, we told him that the time to get worried was the time we get worried. We told him now that you were working with us in your application, let us do the worrying for you.

So yesterday, we submitted his SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) application.

Today, in 24 hours, we got his SINP nomination approval.

Client R, cheers and thanks for your trust! We got your back.

PS. Kudos to SINP who worked on a weekend too! Thank you!
J. Mendoza Journal
October 15, 2021

Vulnerable Worker Story

Clients B and R contacted our immigration consultant, Jeric Mendoza, to ask help about their SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) application. They already found an employer in Saskatchewan, and needed help to apply.

However, upon review of their eligibility, Jeric found that Client B was not eligible for SINP, because he did not have any related work experience to the job offer. Client R was eligible BUT the required wage for the position being offered was more than the new employer was willing to pay for.

Both clients, both unemployed, didn't know what to do anymore.

Then suddenly, Jeric noticed something different on their resume. 

The two clients just arrived in Canada early this year. They started working with a previous employer for just about 4 months. They still have 19 months left in their work permit. And just by staying for another 2 months, they would have already been eligible for SINP as well (and therefore permanent residence). They were not terminated. So why resign?

So Jeric asked them exactly why they left their previous employer. It was then that Jeric found out that they were not being paid overtime and statutory holiday work. They were also threatened in more than one occasion by a co-worker to be recommended to be sent back home to the Philippines. They were not paid at least CAD$700 per week worth of overtime pay.

So Jeric told them they are eligible to apply for an open work permit as a vulnerable worker. They agreed, and told him the whole story so Jeric can submit their application.

After just three (3) business days, Client B and Client R obtained their OPEN work permit approval with the help of Jeric. This allows them to work with ANY employer anywhere in Canada, and at ANY occupation. They can even have multiple jobs. And after 6 months of working with the new employer, they will have been eligible to apply for SINP.

All is well that ends well. Especially if you talk to a professional who can maximize Canadian immigration law for you. Sometimes, even if you forget to tell important details (like Clients B and R). You can't get that value anywhere else. 
J. Mendoza Journal
August 31, 2021

2 Day Nomination Approval

Happy for a client and his family who got their provincial nomination approval today in LESS THAN 2 business days.

It has been more than 8 years since he started working in Canada with no viable option to become a permanent resident UNTIL he got us as his immigration consultant.
Client G, thanks for your trust. And thanks to your friend former Client N as well for leading you to us. Cheers!
J. Mendoza Journal
July 23, 2021

Badly Needed Success

Today, two of our clients have become permanent residents. Well our clients become permanent residents or get approved all the time without us having to share every one of their cases.

But these two are special. All clients WANT to become permanent residents. But these two NEED to become permanent residents. BADLY. And we succeeded, at the time when they need it the most.

They're also the two people who have gone through all the crazy complexities of biometric issues/inefficiencies in the past and other pandemic related complexities (too long a story to cover here) --- Canadian immigration bureaucracy's 'collateral damage' during the pandemic.

But we got them through. In God's perfect time. So now they can focus on the more important thing in front of them.

To Clients A and O, thanks for the unwavering trust. Actually, faith. Cheers!
J. Mendoza Journal
April 10, 2021

Cab Driver - Angel in Disguise

Today we received an inquiry from a prospective client who learned about us with the help of a taxi driver the client hired while in Saskatoon. We are thankful to complete strangers like him who lead clients to us.

Thankfully, as we write this, we might be able to offer a solution to the said prospective client by going through a spousal sponsorship application that they thought they were ineligible because of past relationships. It seemed like we found a way.

Thank you Mr. R, whoever you are. We will try to change the lives of another family because of your referral. And keep safe out there.

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